Welcome to the digital residence of Ken Moini
I work on things that live on the internet, practice modern alchemy, and dabble in danger.
Below lie my exploits and ramblings.

  • Born 1990
  • Shoe Size 15 US
  • Favorite Color Burgundy
  • Likes
    Embedded Circuits, Web Dev, SysAdmin-ing, BPA-free plastics, privacy & security, abolishing prohibition, The Colbert Report, BOFH, TED Talks, and this lovely lady I'm lucky enough to be able to call mine.
  • Dislikes
    Walmart, Country "music," the intellectual and practical stand-still and corruption of the current geo-political climate, public health systems, and price-padded pistachios. Those things are getting more expensive by the day.
  • Strengths
    Being tall, my resourcefulness, able logic & reasoning, cunning linguistics, comedic wit, and previously unknown word generation
  • Weaknesses
    Bacon, Ameri-cone Dream, titanium nails, humidity, kittens, women with ink, and bacon
  • Hobbies
    Home-Brewing, Agriculture Sciences, Goldberg-style Engineering, Tin-foil Security
  • Leisurely Pleasures
    Bike riding, DOTA 2, playing in the kitchen, making benches at a moments notice
  • Predominately of Irish and Middle Eastern descent, I've grown up in Tennessee for the bulk of my life but have been lucky enough to be able to travel overseas and around the country. I implore everyone able to do so, to do the same.
    I keep my work ethic strong by working about 80 hours a week on this, that, and the other during the day and selling fine aged meats and fresh fish paired with delicable wines by the night. Keeps me from being too introverted and all.


Below you can find samples of my work, from administrative Python scripts, to full-stack web applications. Sort via categories and swipe left/right to scroll through, it gets pretty fun.

  • Salt Smarts
    Salt Smarts

    An application for developing, tracking, and sharing fertilizer profiles for any crop

  • Code Repository
    Code Repository

    A collection of various scripts and code examples


    Love and Friendship, Loafs and Fishes was a website that directed those in need to find help

  • Elite Airsoft
    Elite Airsoft

    Elite Airsoft was an airsoft shop and field serving the Greater Nashville area

  • JB's Pour House
    JB's Pour House

    A collection of design work done for a local sports bar

  • Nashville Home Inventory
    Nashville Home Inventory

    Some logo work done for a personal inventory company

  • SignCo

    A quick 30-min design and fast-port of a business' website that was in desparate need


Setup Laravel Homestead on Windows

April 14th, 2015

Recently I’ve been trying to port a custom-made PHP application to the Laravel framework. I’ve been a fan of the Laravel framework for some time now, and with the recent release of Laravel 5, there are a lot of new features that really improve upon the development pipeline, from Laravel Elixir, to full PSR-4 support….
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