CW: This is more of a personal post, but something I need to get out to move things along.

Always have been a big proponent of writing things out - gives you a way to process things, and literally get them out of your head.

I’ve been writing lately - a lot - but not the kind I’ll ever be able to share, and not on anything particularly good…pretty sure I’d be institutionalized if some of this stuff was read

I’m putting jokes in italics now because, well, I’ve had some feedback

Sitting in this Panera - a bit hard to not cry. Been doing that a lot lately - but this is not a pity post and I’m fucking tired of being sad.

Honestly, some of these bouts of tears have been hilarious. Cried in the literal middle of an elevator packed with people, on the way to the 68th floor - stopped along the way to about a dozen floors. Out of the blue, just started bawling - a huge 6'6" man just straight up ugly crying. Super awkward, really funny though in retrospect.

You’re the lowest dive, you’re the lowest.

In all fairness, and in an attempt to look in the bright side of things, I’ve been writing some other amazing things too though - this last year or so has been amazing fodder for my memoirs, for better or for worse.

Been to some amazing places and done some dope things…did the most “LA” thing possible and got to hang out with Woody Harellson, went to a soft opening of a new restaurant and ate literally everything, had to become real comfortable in my own skin really quickly, went on my first and last train ride, saw some of my favorite bands, rekindled old passions, and so much more than what this extremely long run on sentence could possibly ever hold.

In spite of all the terrible things, I’ve had an amazing life lately too. I can’t wait to share more one of these days.

It is what it is

Anywho, the writing I’m interested in pursuing more is the writing here - on my site. It’s been a hot minute.

I have a lot of new things lined up and some back-burner content I’m needing to get out - from new and alternative computing hardware that is currently stuck with Customs in Alaska, to exciting bits at the Edge, and of course a lot of fun homelab things.

So this is me breaking the habit of not posting and being mired in turmoil…watch this space for more regular posts, videos, and more - and more regularly.

The future is going to be amazing