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When one comes to the topic of “Ken Moini” all considerations must be made for not only who but what is “Ken Moini” as the word hero is too narrow in scope.

— Nelson Mandela

So you’ve wandered around the property (or not) and are wondering (or not) what’s the story behind this get-up. Well friends, this here is a mix between a personal portfolio, blog, with a peppering of memes and shitposts.

Often things will be technology related, but far from limited to it - I’m a dynamic kinda guy. My interests and talents span Web-Scale platforms, DevOps, Security, Automation, IoT, 3D Printing, Videography, Cullinary Arts, Amateur Radio, and over-engineering my Home Lab.

  • Itsame
  • Born 1990
  • Shoe Size 15 US
  • Favorite Color Burgundy
  • Likes
    Embedded Circuits, Web Dev, BPA-free plastics, privacy & security, abolishing prohibition, John Oliver, BOFH, TED Talks, and spending too much on camera gear.
  • Dislikes
    Walmart, Country "music," the intellectual and practical stand-still and corruption of the current geo-political climate, public health systems, and spending too much on camera gear.
  • Strengths
    Being tall, my resourcefulness, able logic & reasoning, cunning linguistics, comedic wit, and previously unknown word generation.
  • Weaknesses
    Bacon, Ameri-cone Dream, titanium nails, being tall, humidity, and bacon
  • Hobbies
    Home-Brewing, Agriculture Sciences, Goldberg-style Engineering, Tin-foil Security
  • Leisurely Pleasures
    Playing in the kitchen, making benches at a moments notice, running up the power bill in my home lab
Current Activities
  • Going hog wild in Kubernetes and deploying everything as a container orchestrated through a CI/CD pipeline (including this site!)
  • Building a Kubernetes Dashboard because I miss OpenShift's WebUI, and I don't have enought projects of course.
  • Developing a scalable enterprise analytics and marketing platform for client engagements. It's dope AF.
  • Shooting still heads, talking heads, and teaching heads. I fix everything in post.
  • Planning a Tiny House.
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